During the pre-war days, this place was owned by General Kimura, a Japanese general.
This site served as a camp for the the Japanese guerillas and was then awarded to the
NAPCO soldiers.

The ownership was handed down to a French National. This place was registered as
SAMAL BEACH CLUB, though locals commonly refer this to as FRANCE.

This place was then handed down to one of the siblings of the late Antonio
Fernandez, a local trader in the '50s and Kiong Lehong.

The young Fernandez was pressured by Antonio to put up a business in Samal because
Antonio was very optimistic and he believes that Samal will grow and prosper. With the help
of his wife, the young Fernandez was able to put into actions what his father has told him
and even exceeded his father's expectations. He has been a local trader since the '70s and
has been able to work as a public servant by heart for twenty years. They not only put up
one business but they were able to manage multiple businesses.

With patience, hardwork and perseverance, the young Fernandez and his wife were able
to make the late Fernandez's visions come true. They now share their accomplishments with
their three kids and grandson who are slowly following his footsteps to success.